Reviews and Endorsements

I was overwhelmed by the positive reception given to The Organized Heart. Here is a collection of links to endorsements, reviews, and interviews.

From Carolyn McCulley:

Staci Eastin packs a punch with this short book. But it’s a gracious punch, full of insights about our disorganized hearts and lives, which is immediately followed by the balm of gospel-shaped hopes.

From Matt Perman:

In The Organized Heart, Staci Eastin gives us a refreshing look at organization from an uncommon but incredibly important perspective: the spiritual.

From Becky Pliego at Caffeinated Thoughts:

I dare to say that this is undoubtedly the first and most important book any Christian woman who wants to start living a disciplined and organized life should read.

From Blogging Theologically:

Staci’s writing style is like talking with a friend who has known you long enough to know when you’re full of beans. She will challenge you to reflect on things that you’d rather not, but you’ll be glad you did after the wrestling is over.

From The Gospel for OC:

This book can be for any woman who is living and breathing in our world of chaos. Even if she has a functioning “file cabinet” and peace of mind regarding her organization skills, it never hurts to be reminded of the importance and power of our God.

From Women in the Word:

This was a wonderful look at organization. Eastin brings out many reasons why we do not live organized lives, and also many reasons that the “organized” lives that we live may not be pleasing to God.

From Plant City Lady and Friends:

This is the kind of excitement I get when I discover something in Scripture that speaks right to my heart. I have needed her book.

An interview by Women of God Magazine.

From Domestic Kingdom:

I warn you, this book is convicting! However, it left me feeling hopeful about how the teachings of the Bible really are relevant to my everyday life, even to the mundane.

Domestic Kingdom also interviewed me here.