Our Identity…and Downton Abbey?

Highclere Castle

I love Downton Abbey. I love thinking about our identity in Christ even more. In my latest article on the CBMW Women’s Channel, I’m talking about them both.

Photo credit: JB + UK_Planet / Foter / CC BY


  1. Marla McClanahan says

    I’m thankful for my computer even if it’s a dinosaur.
    I’m thankful for every person who can carry a tune well who uses his or her voice for the glory of God.
    I’m thankful for my 70 lb. boxer and my 55 lb. mixed breed whose tail is always wagging (my husband calls him a ranch mutt; I prefer to think of him as God’s custom designed dog just for us).
    I’m thankful that in spite of them we may have a beautiful back yard some day.
    I’m thankful that even though my husband doesn’t want to go to Marriage Builders, his excuse is good: “I don’t need to sit around and decide if I love my wife or not; I already made that decision.”
    I’m thankful for every time our kids show gratitude, generosity, or commitment.
    I’m thankful for Tiger Murray, my cat (named after Andrew Murray, the preacher, not the tennis player, only does anyone know if the latter is perchance related to the former? I’ve often wondered), who despite loving trees and the great outdoors always comes in at night to snuggle.
    My cup runs over.

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