broken_bottleWhen I read books by classic authors like Jane Austen, I’m always struck by the slower pace of life. It’s easier to see in film adaptations. For example, when we’re introduced to someone today, we do well to mumble “nice to meet you” before we move on to the next thing. But back then?

“I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.”
“And how do you find Darbyshire?”
“I like it very well, thank you.”
“Will you be visiting our neighborhood for long?”

Yes, more words, more times spent on niceties, but a slower pace.

I’ve been struck lately with how rushed I am. Perhaps it’s a carryover from my time working retail. Customers wanted everything RIGHT NOW, and if they didn’t see you moving fast they got angrier. But though I’ve been thinking about it, I’m not learning much.

Yesterday I went to Target. When I got home, I wanted to make one trip into the house. So, I had my purse, my computer bag, library books, my phone (it had been charging), and six Target bags. First I dropped my phone. It didn’t break, and as I was jamming it into my pocket I thought how silly it would be to break my phone because I was rushing. I attempted to gather the bags again, one dropped, and I heard the unmistakable sound of breaking glass.

Breaking glass? Yes. It was the glass olive oil cruet I bought. The one that the checker offered to wrap, but I told her not to worry about it because I didn’t feel like waiting.

Granted, the $9 oil cruet is cheaper than a phone. It’s easily replaced, and it’s not a necessity anyway. But I was frustrated at the waste, especially since it could have been so easily avoided.

We rush for two reasons: we’re either too busy or too lazy.

Busyness is talked about a lot. We take on too much. We don’t say no to anything, because being busy makes us feel important. Look how much I’m doing!

But for me? I rush because I’m lazy. I want to get done with the dull stuff so I can get to the important stuff. Like, I don’t know, reading. Or Candy Crush.

Work is a gift from God. It is a good thing. Rest is a gift too. We need them both.


  1. michelle weston says

    I notice that I really don’t SEE people around me when I rush. It causes a type of blindness. My boss at work is very deliberate and carefully slow. He never messes up. He lives in the moment. I want to be more like that. Great post!

  2. says

    My husband’s Alzheimer’s has taught me so much about slowing down. I need to get in front of him to talk. I cannot talk across the room. On the other hand, since he can’t help around the house, I have to hurry to do everything else. Solution? Priorities! The LORD and my husband are my priorities.

  3. says

    Did the same thing when I bought an expensive ($28) glass tea flask to drink my calming herbal tea in. Carried it in my handbag unwrapped despite the offer to do do. Put my bag on ground while opening the office door to the sound of a thousand pieces of glass shattering! Just crazy!

    Loved your article Staci

  4. rjoey24 says

    “But for me? I rush because I’m lazy. I want to get done with the dull stuff so I can get to the important stuff. Like, I don’t know, reading. Or Candy Crush.”

    I hear you loud and clear.


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