Thankful Thursday

Nieve LaCarlota
Hugo Pujszo desde La Carlota / / CC BY-SA

This morning is, so far, a normal morning—something that hasn’t occurred in nearly three weeks. My husband and teenagers are gone for the day, and the homeschool student will start his schoolwork soon. I am thankful to be back in our normal routine.

Don’t get me wrong—I loved having everyone home. My husband had a lot of vacation days to use before the year’s end, and the extra snow days extended the kids’ Christmas vacation. But as nice as the break was, it wasn’t our normal. Especially the last few days when we were in limbo. Will there be a snow day? Will we go back to school? Everyone was at loose ends, and nobody was very productive.

In the comments a few days ago, someone used the phrase “ruts of righteousness.” Exactly. I’m happy to back in the groove.


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