The Complaint Department is Now Closed

I had a great post today. I was going to draw on my years of working with the public. I was going to highlight a big problem by using several amusing real life examples. My subject? Complaining. Then it hit me: I was going to put up a post that was nothing more than me complaining about people who complain.

I am so glad I realized the irony before I put it up. I guess my original observation that I am an optimistic person by nature isn’t true.

The only solution is to turn the pointing finger right back at myself. Because every example I was going to give also applies to me. So why do I complain? The same reason everybody else does.

We minimize our own faults while maximizing those of others.

And try as I might, I can’t seem to write any more without complaining.

So. I’m going to go and try not to complain.

Have a nice day.


  1. says

    Words of wisdom here. As my dad likes to say, “Every time you point your finger at someone, you’ve got your own fingers pointing right back at you.” ;) Thanks Staci!

  2. Pamela Graham says

    Thanks Staci! I’ve been enjoying following your blog. I spend a lot of time complaining, out loud and in my head, both with my words and my overall attitude. Why is it so easy to complain? Why do we feel justified in doing so, often? Maybe we are all idealists, living in a less-than-ideal situation. Is it something about being Image bearers in a scarred and fallen world? Or is it just plain old sin…

  3. sandi says

    Thanks for your post. I very much appreciate your perspective on things. Seeing ourselves as we truly really are is not that much fun and not what we are inclined to do. This is no big revelation but the word of God is the only remedy for our self-deception. Sometimes I don’t like to read God’s word because it shows me how poor and needy I actually am. Not a pretty sight.

  4. says

    I once went back to a 7-11 and apologized for being upset to the clerk. It turns out we were both Christians and had misread each other.

    . I love how the Jewish New Testament reads in Philippians 2:14 “Do everything without kvetching or arguing.”

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