Status Report: February

Status ReportSitting…on the couch.


Waiting…for the homeschool student to get ready for co-op.

Thinking…that I don’t like co-op on Monday nearly as much as I did on Friday. I’m thankful that this is just a temporary change.

Ready…for Bible Study this afternoon.

Using…Joy! — A Bible Study on Philippians for Women by Keri Folmar. It’s excellent.

Excited…about The Gospel Coalition Conference. Twenty-four hours ago, I didn’t think I’d be going. What a difference a day makes!

Thankful…that last week’s headaches are gone. Every headache sufferer in this house was down at one point. I hope this week is better for all of us.

Ready…to review Gospel Amnesia by Luma Simms. I’ll have it up tomorrow, Lord willing. Sneak preview: I highly recommend it.


  1. says

    Are you presenting in April at the Gospel Coalition Conference in Orlando? Would love to hear you or meet you. We are close to Orlando.

    Glad the headaches are gone. Wishing you a “spot of joy” this week. My Alzheimer’s husband prayed for a “spot of joy” for me one day.

    Hugs and prayers,

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