1. Today is the first day of finals for my two oldest. I began the day by realizing that I have little in the way of substantial breakfast in the house. I did have a few eggs to scramble, and while neither child particularly cares for them, they choked them down in the name of protein. It’s just ironic that I’ve given them breakfast every day this semester, and probably 75% of the time it’s been a decent breakfast, and yet the one day that nearly everybody cooks their kid breakfast, that’s the day I drop the ball.

2. Christmas. Mercy. I quit aiming for the perfect Christmas ages ago, but this year adequate might be a stretch. This is not helped by a houseful of kids who have provided me with very few gift ideas. Can you buy teenagers memberships to the “Jelly of the Month Club”?

3. Speaking of Christmas, did you ever experience post-Christmas letdown as a kid? I did. You know what’s interesting? I can’t wait until Christmas afternoon. The gifts will be given, the dishes from Christmas dinner washed, and then I can just sit down with family and revel in the fact that the hard work is done. It must be a mom thing.

4. Did I mention that I helped record an album? No? Well, sort of. Together for the Gospel II, a recording of the singing at T4G 2012 is available. If you’ve ever wondered what 8,000 people (mostly men) and a piano sound like, this is your chance. I’ve tried to pick out my alto, but alas, I’m lost in the sea of voices.

Merry Christmas!


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