foggy morning1. It’s a foggy, foggy morning here. The photo doesn’t do it justice, since a) I was more interested in safety that photography and b) I took said photo with my phone. Besides not wanting to hurt someone, I didn’t think, “But officer, I wanted to get a photo of the fog for my blog,” would be a valid excuse.

2. Because I am a product of the Illinois Public School system, every time I see fog I think of the Carl Sandburg poem, “The fog comes on little cat feet.” Do other school children learn about Carl Sandburg every year, or is it just in Illinois? I realize he won Pulitzers and all, but I have a feeling when it comes to “famous Illinois poets,” pickings are slim.

3. Illinois school children also learn about Lincoln every year. I know lots of Lincoln facts. I was quite surprised when I moved to Missouri and learned that here Truman’s birthday is a state holiday, but Lincoln’s is not. We never had a special unit on Harry Truman during my school years.

couch4. In other news, what do you think of our Christmas tree? We do not have our tree up yet, as we haven’t decided how to rearrange our new-to-us furniture in order for it to fit. That’s this weekend’s project.

5. Speaking of Christmas, I loved Lisa’s post today at Out of the Ordinary. Besides confirming that Lisa and I are kindred spirits, both in dusting and iPhone photography (among other things), it reminded me of the realness of Jesus’ birth. We tend to imagine the nativity as something warm and fuzzy, but it wasn’t. It was very real, just like our sin.


  1. Randy B says

    I, too, am a product of the Illinois public school system. I remember studying the Carl Sandburg poem you mentioned. When we first moved to Missouri, Sandy went to the license bureau to get her MO license, and it was closed for Truman’s birthday. In my opinion, he is hardly on par with Lincoln. On the other hand, they now observe Casimir Pulaski Day in Illinois schools.

    • Staci Eastin says

      I was in Jr. High when they started observing Pulaski’s birthday. Since Pulaski and I have the same birthday, it meant I had a three-day weekend on or around my birthday. I appreciated that.

  2. says

    I learned about Carl Sandburg in elementary school in Minnesota. (Didn’t he write about Lincoln?) We even learned the “little cat feet” poem.

    I don’t have the tree up yet, either, and I rearranged the furniture to make a spot for it last weekend.

    I have no idea who Casimir Pulaski is.

  3. Michelle Weston says

    We had to go to the hospital for Allison’s surgery yesterday morning at 5 something. I thought we might have a wreck and have to be taken by ambulance. The fog was terrible!

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