Thankful Thursday: Church Camp Edition

Although it will probably be Friday before you read this, it’s Thursday as I type.

It’s been a good week at church camp. I’ve spent a lot of time by the lake.

Since our church runs camp for just our kids, camp is a chance to hang out with friends while we herd the kids around.

This week always renews my hope in the future. The kids aren’t allowed to have electronics all week, and I’m always surprised at how readily they give those things up when they have other options like fishing and swimming.

I am thankful for friends. I am thankful for God’s beautiful creation and the chance to enjoy it.

And if I may contradict myself, I’m thankful for tech-savvy camp directors who install wi-fi, which enables any freelance writers who happen to be there meet a deadline.

I am thankful for sweet young hearts that ask such deep questions about the things of God.

I am thankful for our children’s pastor who works so hard to make this week at camp edifying and fun.

I am thankful for dads who take time off work to wrangle a bunch of squirrelly 8 to 12-year-old boys for four days.

I am also thankful that being a cabin leader for girls only requires talking and painting nails, rather than impromptu wresting matches.

I am thankful for air conditioned camp cabins.

And though it’s been a great week, I am thankful that we get to home on Friday.



  1. says

    I think it’s great that they expect the kids to give up their technology toys.  It’s always so great to unplug.  Sounds like it was a great week despite the heat

  2. Skolesen says

    I’m thankful for a mom choosing to spend the days at camp when she could be having a pretty low key time at home with all her kids at camp!!


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